How to apply the Le Keux Lip Paints


Rosie is wearing the Whistle Bait Lip Paint for that perfect Pin Up Pout!

“Three looks in one lip paint”

Want to create the perfect vintage look whilst keeping your lips kissable and soft?

We all know that long lasting lipstick dries our lips out, so what if you could have that vampy long lasting red lip without the loss of moisture?  With the Le Keux lip paints you can!  You just need to follow this simple method…

  • Start by applying your foundation to your whole face, including you lips, this acts as a base for the lip paint to hold on to
  • Then apply the first layer of lip paint with a brush (these lip paints are highly pigmented, so you only need a small amount) over the whole of your lips, taking care to line the lips evenly
  • Next take clean tissue and fold it in half, place the edge of the tissue between your lips and press down gently, this is called blotting.  Top Tip: Don’t rub your lips on the tissue or you’ll smudge the line of your lips, just press them together gently
  • Blot until the lipstick is completely matte, folding the tissue over each time
  • Now take a translucent loose powder, like the Pin Up Powder, and gently dust over your lips in a gentle tapping motion, using the puff provided or a large soft brush.  Top Tip: Don’t wipe the puff or brush over your lips or it will smear your lipstick, just dab gently till the powder is blended
  • Now that you have mattified and set the first coat, apply a second coat over the top and repeat the blotting process
  • Keep doing this until you have the desired depth of colour and then add one more slick of lipstick.  Then take another clean piece of tissue and with your mouth closed, press the tissue flat over your lips taking off any excess lip paint

Now you are ready to take on the day!

Top Tip: Avoid getting lipstick marks on your teeth by putting your index finger in your mouth and gently pulling it out.  Your finger will catch any excess lipstick left on the inner lips, stopping it from transferring on to your teeth.

As an added bonus, there are three ways you can wear these lip paints:

Gloss – Paint your lips with one coat of the colour of your choice and blot once.  For added gloss, mix a little of your favourite lip balm or gloss with a small amount of lip paint and apply.

Matte – Paint your lips with one coat of the colour of your choice, blot and reapply.  Then dust gently with translucent powder for the matte look.

Hollywood – Paint your lips with one coat of the colour of your choice, blot, reapply, blot and then finish with one last slick of colour.

These lip paints have to be applied with a lip brush, so why not try the fantastic duel end lip and eye liner brush.  It’s firm but soft fibres help to create the perfect cupids bow and precise eyeliner flicks.


Photo by Porcelain Photography  Modelled by Rosie  Hair & Makeup by Lauren Fleming

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