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How To Apply Black Cadillac Eyeliner

Le Keux Cosmetics is one of the best vintage beauty ranges in the world!  They are paraben, vegan and cruelty free and are made here in the UK.  With their beautifully packaged cosmetics and dual end make-up brushes they take us back to a time when makeup was effortlessly glamorous.  Designed by experts, they are one of the only brands that have the closest foundations to makeup from the 40’s and 50’s era.

With this in mind, it is important to remember that makeup back then wasn’t smudge or water proof (something that is a given nowadays, but always so drying for the skin and lips!) so a little more care was needed to keep your makeup in place and by using traditional and authentic techniques you can do just that.

Black Cadillac Eyeliner Application

This eyeliner is perfect for the authentic 1940s and 1950s flick.  It’s creamy gel like texture is easy to apply and the colour is beautifully soft, not harsh like some liquid liners.  I prefer to use gel eyeliner as I find I have more control over it, and as I get older I have noticed that my eyelids tend to wrinkle easier, so I get a smoother line when I use gel eyeliner.

  1. This eyeliner needs to be applied with a brush, so start by drawing a soft line that begins at the inner corner of the eye and runs along the lash line of the upper eyelid to the outer corner.

eyeliner 1eyeliner 2

2. Beginning just above the outer corner of the eye, draw a small wing out, but slightly angled up. This naturally gives a rise to the appearance of the eyes. If the wing is too low, it makes the eye appear to droop.

eyeliner 4

3. Once you have your wing where you want it, bring the top of the point in to meet the rest of the liner. You are essentially creating a little triangle here and then you just need to fill it in.

eyeliner 5

4. Because this eyeliner isn’t smudge proof, you need to set it in place. Make sure the eyeliner is dry and then apply a light dusting of translucent powder over the top, the Pin Up Powder is great for this.  The powder needs to be translucent otherwise it will dull down the colour of the liner.

eyeliner 5Le_Keux_Cosmetics_Pin_Up_Powder copy

If you would like a darker colour, then all you need to do it apply another coat of eyeliner over the top of the set liner and let it dry.

You’ll also find that you won’t lose as many eyelashes or need to scrub hard to remover this liner, which is a positive bonus!

Eyeliner changes from each person, as it really depends on your eye shape as to how your flick will work.  So practice lots and develop the right style that works for you.

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Model: Scarlett Luxe / Photographer: Porcelain Photography / HMUA: Lauren from All Dolled Up

ADU 10 2017-4 (2)

Model: Rosie / Photographer: Porcelain Photography / HMUA: Lauren from All Dolled Up


Model: Scarlett Luxe / Photographer: Porcelain Photography / HMUA: Lauren from All Dolled Up

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