Hair Scarf Tutorial

How to put on a wired hair scarf

Hair scarves are perfect for adding a little sass to any outfit and great for bad hair days!  In this blog I’m going to show you how easy it is to put on these wired hair scarves.

These scarves are handmade, double-sided and they have wired inside them.  This means that you get two looks for the price of one and you can mould them to however you want them to look.  You can purchase these scarves from our shop page.

Step 1

First, start by laying the scarf out flat and making sure the wire reached the length of the scarf, end to end.

Then begin anchoring the back of the scarf at the nape of your neck with 2 Kirby grips (or bobby pins), this stops the scarf from sliding up the back of your head during the day.  It is important to cross the grips over for a more secure fix.

ADU SHOOT HI-RES 05 2018-37_edited

Top Tip: It can be a good idea to get grips that are a similar colour to the pattern on your scarf, this helps them blend in and not stand out too much.  If you can’t find the right colour, then you can always paint the grips with nail polish.

Hair Scarf Tutorial

Step 2

Bring the sides of the scarf up to the front of your head and cross the ends over.

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Top Tip:  You can use more Kirby grips to secure the sides of the scarf and keep it in the right place.

Step 3

With the crossed over ends, swap your hands over and twist the top so the ends swap sides.  The wire in the scarf will hold the twist so you don’t need to knot the scarf at all.

ADU SHOOT HI-RES 05 2018-44_editedADU SHOOT HI-RES 05 2018-47_editedADU SHOOT HI-RES 05 2018-45_edited

Step 4

Once the scarf is twisted close, you can then arrange the ends into a more pleasing look by moulding the wire inside the fabric.

ADU SHOOT HI-RES 05 2018-48_editedADU SHOOT HI-RES 05 2018-55_edited

Top Tip:  Scarves look good with pinned up hair and they are fantastic for bad hair days!

Top Tip:  You can also wear the scarves with your hair down, just fold the scarf in half (lengthwise) so it’s thinner and then follow the instructions above.

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