Hi Dolls,

I suppose you could call my fashion taste vintage eclectic, ranging from the 20s Flapper girl to the 50s Pin Up (quite a date range I know!). I love everything about those eras, from the music to the fashion and everything in between.  

I’ve always been creative and before I opened my Etsy store I was a hair & makeup artist (specialising in Vintage/Pin Up and Wedding styles) My work was featured in many magazines such as Vogue, Vintage Life, Elle, The Burlesque Bible etc. and I was the official hair and makeup artist for the Miss Pinup UK competition and the popular vintage repo shop Deadly is the Female.  

From the age of 16 I was diagnosed as agoraphobic and spent a long time getting better. Sadly, during 2017 I suffered from a relapse and was unable to work which had a huge effect on my life. I began to spend a lot of time watching old films and musicals and rekindling my love for those golden eras. I began making the accessories I saw in those films for myself and before I knew it, I had lots of friends asking me to make things for them too. Opening an Etsy store seemed the next logical step.

For me, All Dolled Up has always been about looking AND feeling your best, no matter what your style. If it makes you happy embrace it.

Most of my items are reproductions of vintage styles using modern fabrics and accessories, but there are a couple of up-cycled bits in there too. I try to do one-off’s or short runs, so you can be sure not to bump into someone wearing the same thing.  

Along with the pre-made pieces, I am also more than happy to take bespoke orders. Just drop me a line and we can discuss your ideas.

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you like my creations.

Happy Shopping Lovelies